These creative handicrafts are a source of pride and glory for us.

Our Art

Is one of the richest works of art in the history of the world and has influenced many art works.

Today's Young Generation

Our artists combines art, creative  and modernity to create handmade beauties, like the art of our past


About our online store

We have lots of ideas and items to make your home decoration more pleasant.

I am Elahe and I immigrated to the UK in 2009. We decided to found Elara Gallery with my friend,sara, to introduce and support tasteful artists.
Today’s young generation beautifully combined art, creativity and modernity to create handmade beauties. Like the art of our past, these creative handicrafts is source of pride and glory for us.
Elara gallery, located in Nottingham England, aims to introduce these brilliant talents and arts in the field of pottery, designing ornaments and beautiful fabrics to all nations and cultures including our compatriots in the UK.


Our Team

Elahe Pouri



Project Manager/Art consultant

Elham Alemi

Trade Negation Specialist


Digital Marketer